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Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to improve brand visibility and garner more targeted traffic to your site. It can also help enhance your site’s performance and functionality. Plus, it helps you optimize your site for search engines and users alike.

However, making SEO mistakes can have a negative impact on your business growth. These, often common and silly mistakes, if left un-rectified can hurt not only your site’s performance and speed but can also lead to a higher bounce rate and a decrease in ranking. Thus, it is important that you find these SEO mistakes and fix them immediately, in order to avoid the loss of potential traffic or worst yet, penalization from Google.

What are these common SEO mistakes that you need to look out for?

  1. Multiple Broken Links – this is one of the main reasons for a higher bounce rate and can affect your brandís credibility.
  2. Slow loading time and page speed – this affects your siteís productivity and ranking.
  3. Writing content that is not engaging and doesnít provide your audience with any value or benefit.
  4. Keyword Stuffing – this could get your site penalized by Google.
  5. Lack of LSI Keywords – adding LSI keywords to blog posts and other website content is important, in order to avoid keyword stuffing.
  6. Unoptimized Images affects your siteís speed and lack of Alt Tags for images makes indexing difficult for search engines.
  7. Poor Interlinking structure and too many low-authority outbound links.

Fixing these SEO mistakes is crucial for the overall growth of your website. Thus, check out this infographic that highlights the top 25+ common SEO mistakes that you need to avoid along with useful tips on how to fix them.

Take a look!

25+ Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website[Infographic] by the team at Hostingclues.comCommon SEO Mistakes Infographic