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Calvary Church located in West Hartford, CT faced some daunting challenges with their existing site and social media presence. Through many internal discussions, some glaring deficiencies with the existing approach were discovered. Philip Parker, the point person for Calvary Church identified the following among the many challenges:
“We decided to redesign our site based on the fact that we had a site that was not functional at all. We had a bunch of old outdated information, and also needed help making it user-friendly and mobile-friendly.”
Calvary Church found themselves in unfamiliar territory with respect to having the necessary expertise in-house to tackle such a big task. They chose LaunchBlot Media as their partner to mitigate the gap in expertise.
“I chose LaunchBlot Media based on their mission of helping churches bring their websites into the 21st century.”       Philip Parker
LaunchBlot immediately got to work starting with a detailed evaluation of the current site and related social media assets. This activity included generating sitemaps and accumulating various pieces of collateral which could be brought forward into the new site. New collateral was also created as part of the overall site design. LaunchBlot Media rebranded Calvary Church by choosing a color palette which complements their goals and by redesigning a new logo for the church. The latter will be used for all collateral produced by the church including postal correspondence and internal ministry related programming. The design goals for the logo addressed what Calvary Church feels is their primary focus; the sacrifice made for all by Jesus on a cross at Calvary. Incorporated into the new design is a strategy for Calvary Church to approach integrated social media providing a comprehensive and consistent experience for visitors and members. The main goal of the new design was to present a welcoming face for Calvary Church which promotes easy navigation to a well structured consistent presentation of information. Transactional content was also developed to increase efficiency and streamline processes such as registering for the church’s various programs and introduce on-line giving. For a project of this nature to be successful a collaborative environment built on trust needed to be established. Calvary Church’s staff worked closely with launchBlot Media personnel to form one team focused on the same goals for the project.
“Our experience working with LaunchBlot has been nothing but positive. They are affordable and packed with value. Their expertise far surpasses the amount of money that is spent. Keagan and Fran are professional, and they answer questions quickly and efficiently.”     Philip Parker
The build of the new site, integration with social media assets, and the creation of new collateral along with rebranding, provided the comprehensive solution Calvary Church was looking for. The overall goals of the project were met and delivered within the project timeframe enabling Calvary Church to quickly move their ministry forward projecting a modern image in today’s internet age.
“I would definitely recommend LaunchBlot Media to anyone looking for similar services. This is a top-notch company, with great people, that does great work. They certainly live up to their mantra that they strive to over deliver on value. They will work tirelessly for you, as they have for me. I’m sure of it!”     Philip Parker
The site features elegant and simple main navigation along the top of the page with a scrolling marquee of events at Calvary Church. The elegant theme featuring an image of Calvary Church sets the background reinforcing the overall theme for the site. While professional and clean looking, a friendly and inviting picture Calvary Church welcomes all visitors on the home page. Social media presence is incorporated into the design integrating Calvary Church’s Facebook page and Youtube channel. The theme and feel of both the Facebook page and the Website provides virtually a seamless transition between the website and Facebook page. Each page in the website features access to social media via Facebook and a link to the home page as well. The social media tabs also provide minimal click access to email on each page.

All of this combined with ready access analytics and cost-effective hosting has enabled Calvary Church to attain lofty goals. But, don’t take our word for it, here’s what Philip Parker had to say:
This was a huge project and a huge undertaking that nobody at my church had wanted to do. We had the same website for the last 10-15 years and no one had touched it. It still had old content it was not user-friendly, and it was not mobile friendly. It looked like something had exploded on our web page. Enter launchBlot media. They helped us totally overhaul our whole page. It is now beautiful, functional, and actually attracts visitors to stay on our website. I can’t say enough of the white glove service that both Keagan and Fran provided for us. they were totally willing to go above and Beyond on everything that we needed them to do. Their expertise is unparalleled, and they are prepared to tackle even large projects. Our’s (website) was miserable, now it’s beautiful! It doesn’t hurt to look at it anymore, and it’s actually a bright spot for our church. Our website was resurrected from the depths! Thanks LaunchBlot!” Philip Parker
Should you be in the market for world class web and social media presence contact us at LaunchBlot. We’ll treat your business like our business providing a level of customer care and service that will surprise you at a very affordable price point.

Fran is Partner and Director of Development at LaunchBlot Media with vast experience in Web Development Management. Fran is also a Lectureer at Bryant University in Rhode Island and spent years in the insurance industry overseeing large scale development.  He also has a background in global software product development.

Fran Varin

Partner - Director of Development, LaunchBlot Media, LLC