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Christen Scott is the owner of a music studio based in the greater Hartford, CT area, specializing in vocal and Piano training. Ms. Scott is a seasoned professional who spends her time sharing an art that she has come to love. The Christen Scott Studio was the perfect match for LaunchBlot allowing us to partner with an artist who instantly connected with us forming a strong collaborative team. Ms. Scott knew what she wanted in a website and social media presence enabling LaunchBlot to devise a strategy that met and, in some cases, exceed her needs. The design for the website is clean and easy to navigate enabling current and prospective students to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. In today’s online environment, communicating a clear and concise message through all channels is imperative. The design of the site meets the high professional standards to which Ms. Scott has become accustomed to. The site features elegant and simple main navigation along the top of the page with an advanced search feature right justified enhancing the user experience. The elegant soft theme featuring an image of a piano keyboard sets the background reinforcing the overall theme for the site. While professional and clean looking, a friendly and inviting picture of Ms. Scott welcomes all visitors on the home page. The piano keyboard motif is carried forward to the Studio’s Facebook page providing cross-link opportunities between the two entities. The theme and feel of both the Facebook page and the Website provide virtually a seamless transition between the two. Each page in the website features access to social media via Facebook and a link to the home page as well. The social media tabs (not shown) also provide minimal click access to email on each page. All of this combined with ready access analytics and cost-effective hosting has The Christen Scott Studio singing a new tune. But, don’t take our word for it, here’s what Ms. Scott had to say:
“When I decided to start my own private music studio, Launchblot worked with me to design a site that would best meet the needs of my clients. Their professional expertise helped organize my thoughts and ideas in a way that makes my site visually appealing and easy to navigate. The staff is professional, approachable, and efficient. If you are looking to start up any kind of website, I would highly recommend Launchblot!”
Should you be in the market for world-class web and social media presence contact us at LaunchBlot. We’ll treat your business like our business providing a level of customer care and service that may surprise you at a very affordable price point.

Fran is Partner and Director of Development at LaunchBlot Media with vast experience in Web Development Management. Fran is also a Lectureer at Bryant University in Rhode Island and spent years in the insurance industry overseeing large scale development.  He also has a background in global software product development.

Fran Varin

Partner - Director of Development, LaunchBlot Media, LLC