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Getting your thoughts or your business on the web has never been more cost-effective as it is today.

As a LaunchBlot customer we take it a step further — we give you great value and piece-of-mind. From signup, to setup, to security and support, LaunchBlot will make sure that your time with us gives you the edge you need to grow a successful web presence.

We build on the WordPress platform for a reason. Namely its wide popularity and open-sourced flexibility. From there we can work on large-scale SEO projects, intricate Digital Marketing Strategies, and even help you set up and maintain your M365 products and services.

The process of getting your website and other Digital Projects up and running is quick and straightforward…we’ll make sure of it.

Here’s how it works:

Step #1 – Introduction
First impressions are very important. So look at this first step in the process as a way to “kick the tires.” All you have to do is submit a request through our “Contact Page“.

We’ll answer your questions, counsel you on choosing a domain name, and provide further detail on the package options that interest you. You’ll also make a new friend in our support department…and we could always use another friend!

All this will take place before you even begin paying for services. Why not give it a try?

Step #2 – Sign Up

After deciding on the services you want, we’ll develop a proposal with a clear fee structure and an outline of the project timeline. We can also handle getting any necessary digital assets (domain name, Google Analytics, Adsense account, etc.) set up. It’s also at this point that you’ll have the ability to transfer a domain of your own…or point it to our servers.

Once your payment option is finalized, your backup and security will begin immediately.

Our service is guaranteed, so you won’t have to worry about not getting what you pay for. And, if you need help with anything that wasn’t already covered in step #1, we’ll walk you through it — or just handle it for you!

Step #3 – Choosing a Design

The visual appeal and functionality that your website offers your audience is extremely important.

If you’re having a website built, it’s in this step where you’ll be able to rely on the design suggestions from the initial introduction, and your support rep, to guide you through picking one of our more than 200 custom themes or design concepts. All you have to do is let us know of your selection and we’ll get it installed and/or begin design immediately.

Our entire theme gallery is filled with premium themes that are designed by industry professionals.

Step #4 – Build Stage

This is where we begin the heavy lifting — while you get to sit back and relax!

Although a lot of behind-the-scenes technical work has already been done at this point, this is when your website and other digital projects come to life. While it depends on the package/service you’ve selected, this stage traditionally requires 12-15 hours of hands-on work.

Once we’re done, you’ll be contacted by your support representative with a warm welcome to your new website or the launched digital project you selected. This is when we’ll provide you with your login information and point you towards the tools you’ll need to assume control and oversight, but only if you want to be involved.

Step #5 – Support

Obviously this isn’t where our job ends. We’re here for the long-haul…and that means that we provide you with unlimited support for as long as you’re a customer.

Your representative will be there to answer any question that you have, whether general or technical in nature.

Simply put — we are ALWAYS HERE TO HELP YOU!

Your support representative will only be an email away and you’ll also have access contact support through our social channels.

Step #6 – Security and Trends

The Internet can sometimes be a scary place. Unfortunately, hardware failures, malicious hackers, and algorithm changes are a reality.

That’s why we maintain backups for your website and remain engaged and on top of digital marketing standards as they change over time. This way we can ensure that your business is supported no matter what the market throws at you!

If you ever suspect something malicious is happening on your website or if you have questions about the SEO or Digital Marketing project outcomes, just email your support representative and they’ll be sure to get you what you need.

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